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Stella Java Vision高效率蝕刻補償軟體 Stella Java Vision CAD/CAM Software

Stella Vision for Java is the CAD/CAM system developed newly by “Java” the new advanced language that will provide the Stella Vision series in future.
  Fine Vision
  Fine Vision provides you very effective, powerful, yet handy functions such as a unique contour hemming, offset command with recognizing inside and outside of objects. It is equipped with multiple select functions so that you may use variety and favorable ways to select specific data in the most effective way. Technical editing by logical operation and calculation of overlapped objects. Automatic elaborate design and super fine Etching data by just simple parameter input, Etching data linear offset correction with keeping minimum clearance and in accord with data shape,
  (1) Distance Offset
      It is the function currently esteemed by the industry.
It is the function in which it can be freely made to change, looking at distance with the data which adjoins the amount of offset. more...
  (2) Etching
      There are some besides distance offset.
It is introduction of a function which demonstrates power at an etching process.
Form of a leadframe can be changed. more...
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